PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall Repair System

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Bix Basement Systems offers foundation wall repair from professionals using The PowerBrace™ as a proven bowing and buckling wall repair solution. We provide these services in Peoria, IL, Bloomington, IL, Quincy, IL, Fort Madison, IA, Hannibal, MO and in other nearby locations throughout IL, IA, and MO. We have been installing this foundation wall repair system for many years now, and we guarantee it will take care of your leaning, settling, sinking foundation walls for good. This is a patented wall repair system which has proven to be effective at taking care of many structural issues.

What It Does:

When foundation walls start to bow, lean, or tilt into the basement of a home, homeowners might start to panic and they might not know who to turn to or what to do. Outside pressure from soil and water can actually cause the foundation to lean inward. This pressure is known as hydrostatic pressure and can cause some serious structural problems over time if it's left untreated.

The PowerBrace™ is a patented foundation wall repair system that's been specially-engineered to stabilize failing foundation walls and provide the ability to straighten them back to where they need to be over time. This foundation wall repair system features durable steel I-beams which will be able to stabilize the wall without any additional adjustment needed to it, such as excavation or lifting it out of the soil. Over time, the PowerBrace™ System can be tightened to make leaning and bowed walls straighter and more upright.

Technical Features:

  • No outside digging is needed
  • Can be tightened to allow for wall straightening over time
  • All components are zinc-coated for corrosion resistance
  • Neat, clean appearance inside the basement setting
  • Minimal disruption of basement space needed

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Bowed Wall Repair

Bix Basement Systems offers professional and dependable bowed wall repair which will stop your basement walls from leaning and tilting into your home any further. There are some homeowners who might not understand why it's so important to take care of their bowing wall problem. If left untreated, these walls may actually collapse in on themselves!

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Foundation Repair in Kirksville, MO
The guys worked their tails off. We are very satisfied with our foundation repair and will tell others. The office staff were also very courteous and helpful. Thanks
Bob - Kirksville, MO 63501
September 06, 2012
Foundation Repair in Keokuk, IA
I appreciate your expertise. Heath and his foundation repair crew did such an excellent job. They were very knowledgeable and personable. If is a relief to have people who answer your questions and don't make you feel ridiculous. Also, the clean up was a plus. Very pleased Heath and his crew fixed ...
B. M. - Keokuk, IA 52632
June 06, 2012
Foundation Repair in Fort Madison, IA
Bix Service was so helpful and the foundation repair work was done in a timely manner. I have already told several co-workers to call Bix if they ever need to. Todd was very helpful to explain everything he was doing to fix the foundation. He was very personable.
AH - Fort Madison, IA 52627
December 14, 2011