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Backup Sump Pump

Bix Basement Systems offers backup sump pumps which will be activated if your primary pump breaks down or if the power goes out. We provides backup sump pump installation services in Peoria, IL, Bloomington, IL, Quincy, IL, Fort Madison, IA, Hannibal, MO, and surrounding towns. When does the power usually go out at your home? It's usually during a severe storm with heavy downpours of rain. This is when you need to protect your basement the most! If the power goes out and you don't have a battery backup sump pump in place, it could mean disaster for your basement. You may have to deal with a basement flood, wood rot, water damage on your belongings, and a variety of other problems you shouldn't have to deal with. If not cleaned up properly, this moisture could also lead to the development of dangerous mold and bacteria!

Our waterproofing company offers a variety of backup sump pumps which will protect your basement in any kind of weather, and if the main pump of your home stops working. We realize that a lot of homeowners might think that it's too expensive to install "2" sump pumps. They feel that one should be enough to take care of any kind of basement moisture problem which could crop up. However, this isn't the case! If you have a sump pump, it could very well stop working someday. What will be protecting your basement from leaks? This is why having a backup sump pump installed is so important.

Battery Backup Sump Pump System

Your basement's sump pump could lose power for any number of reasons, but as mentioned above, it's usually during a thunderstorm. Regardless of the reason why you no longer have power, you will need a battery backup sump pump system to ensure that your basement is safe and free of any water damage. You likely have old photo albums, family heirlooms, clothes, sports equipment, holiday decorations, and other odds and ends stored in your basement. If there's a flood, or any kind of water leak, chances are likely that your belongings are going to get seriously damaged.

Common Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Bix Basement Systems offers the following common battery backup sump pumps for homeowners in IL, IA, and MO:

  • Generator-Powered Pumps
  • AC-Powered Primary Pumps
  • Water-Powered Sump Pumps
  • Battery Backup Sump Pumps

What's Keeping Your IL, IA, or MO Basement Dry?

The Problem Primary Sump Pump Secondary Pump Battery Backup Pump
Normal Rainfall
Heavy Rain
Complete Power Failure
Primary Pump Failure
Double Pump Failure
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